Roof repair - Different roofs require different repairs

As the first line of defence against the elements, your roof is an important asset

Probably your home’s most value asset, damage from the elements can often lead to expensive roofing repairs, although repairs range in different shapes and sizes.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs use materials that allow water to run off the horizontal surface easily, and when this doesn’t happen it usually leads to a repair or the installation of a complete new roof.

Traditionally, flat roofs use tar and gravel based surfaces, however these are susceptible to pooling, especially in the winter, and can lead to damage from sagging to complete roof failures.

More modern flat roofs tend to be covered with a membrane to prevent pooling and standing water. They are also sensitive to human traffic, and any crack or puncture to a flat roof surface will ultimately lead to leaks so it’s advised you either prevent access to the roof or have a deck covering the surface.

Leaks, sagging and cracks can be resolved if not deemed terminal, and can be fixed by a qualified roofing contractor.

Tile or Slate Roof Repair

Roof tiles are specifically designed to move rain away from the roof and are traditionally made from clay or slate.

Tiles are hung to a roof from the framework using nails and are hung in parallel rows with each one overlapping the row below to ensure the rain water travels down the roof and also protects the nails from damage. There are special tiles that are required for specific parts of the roof where the planes of several pitches meet and include ridge, hip and valley tiles.

Despite being a lengthy process to install, they are the most popular roof styles in the UK as they effective move water off the roof better than most other styles, they are a standout fixture of a traditional British home and are the best option for any home with a slanted roof.

Damage can be caused to a tiled/slate roof in adverse weather conditions, especially high winds. Single tiles moving out of place can cause damage and need replacing, so if a number of tiles move there could be serious repercussions if the issue isn’t rectified.

Metal Roof Repair

A metal roof, also referred to as tin roofs, is a roofing system made from a selection of metal tiles pieced together.

They are used more often in commercial and outbuildings as they are lightweight, portable, durable, cheap, fire resistant, wind resistant and recyclable.

However, they can be subject to a lot of noise from the weather, can cause corrosion when added to another product and change a building’s temperature along with the weather. Damage can occur when the tiles get separated or damaged.

Whether it’s tiles that are dangerously loose and likely to slip, to lost and broken tiles, leaky roofs, or, in the most extreme of cases, storm damaged roofs, a roof repair can encompass a variety of scenarios, including:

Building Regulations and Planning Permission

Although there are exceptions, planning permission is not usually required. You won’t usually be subject to building regulations either, as long as the repairs you’re carrying out are less than 25% of the area of a flat or pitch roof. But if the new replacement tiles are structurally different, or lighter or heavier, then you may need approval. So check with your local authority first.

If you do have any issue with your roof, repairable or not, you can get a survey and quote from up to three reputable NFRC registered firms at Builder Guide using our simple quote form.

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