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By Katie Anderson on November 12th, 2010

Shower InstallationA shower installation comes under the category of general plumbing work and many people favour a particular style of unit, whether it’s a mixer, electric or power shower . In fact, research has shown that a shower is actually one of the first appliances to be changed when someone moves home.

Showers have increased in popularity since the latter half of the 2oth century and today more people tend to utilise showers on a daily basis, as opposed to bathing, not least because of its quickness and energy efficiency because showering uses less water.

Whether you’re looking for a shower installation for your bathroom, shower room or wet room, Builder Guide has a number of plumbing companies listed who can provide electric, power and mixer shower appliances along with full shower cubicle installation, as well as repair services. Most of these firms will offer both a supply and installation service. However, if you’d prefer just the appliance itself or only require an installation there are companies that will offer these individual services.

So if you’re after a standard electric shower, a power shower or a mixer shower, you’ll find reputable firms willing to supply and fit here at Builder Guide.

Snubbing the tub can help save you money

Using less water can help you save energy and therefore reduce your household bills. Snubbing the tub and favouring a shower as opposed to a soak in the bath is a great way to save on the amount of water you use.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average household gets through around 350 litres of water every single day which equates to bills of around £360 a year for water and sewerage and another £160 on average for heating hot water for things like baths and showers and washing up. If all four people were to replace one bath a week with a five minute shower it could save that family up to £18 off that annual gas bills and up to £21 on water bills with a meter.

And the savings don’t just stop there. If that family of four were to swap their old inefficient shower head for a new water efficient model it could reduce their annual combined gas and water bills by as much as £150.

Power showers, mixer showers and electric showers

Bathrooms are key rooms in any property and whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary, there will be a shower installation to suit all sizes of families, budgets and tastes. Choose between:

  • Power showers – for a perfect shower experience you can’t get much better than a power shower. Thanks to an integral pump the flow of water is boosted to deliver an invigorating shower. Power showers improve the flow of water through the shower using the pump to give a stronger output of water.
  • Mixer showers – these showers take water from a home’s cold and hot water supplies and mixes them together to provide a preferred temperature.
  • Electric showers – these are ideal for larger families who use a lot of water. The fact that the water is heated in the shower itself ensures a constant supply of hot water. They use the water from the mains cold water supply and heat it via a heating element in the shower when it is turned on, just like a kettle. Because the water is from the mains cold supply, you don’t use any stored hot water making it ideal for larger families in the winter months when hot water can run short.
  • Traditional showers – for timeless beauty with a touch of elegance, if you prefer a bit of period glamour then opt for a shower with a traditional look but one that has all the benefits of modern showers.
  • Contemporary showers – if you want something modern, fresh and funky opt for a stylish contemporary shower installation. Here modern design features combine with lots of striking chrome.

What’s the difference between the different types of showers?

An electric shower can be fitted within a shower cubicle or above a bath which will need to be sealed correctly to ensure there is no leaking. Fitting the shower itself is relatively easy but because it will require an electrician to wire it up, the best solution is to employ the services of a professional shower installer to fit it for you. All metal pipes will need bonding, cables need to be running in the permitted zones and the cables should be the correct thickness for the shower depending on kW rating of the shower.

In the case of mixer showers a mixing valve is fitted to the wall of the shower to mix the hot and cold water from the tanks. A pump then pushes this water up to the shower head which then provides a high pressure of water out of it. They are available as surface mounted fixtures, where the pipework is easily installed on the top of your existing surface, or flush mounted where the valve is seen, but the pipework is hidden behind the surface.

You can also get thermostatic mixer showers which incorporate a pre-set thermostat which will sense and changes in temperature and rectify it. Mixer showers are easier to fit than electric showers as they don’t need any electronic wiring but still require the service of a professional plumber. Mixer showers are ideal if your home has an abundance of hot water supply. There is a wide choice of different mixer showers available with low and high pressure, thermostatic and power shower options all available.

Well known shower manufacturers

  • Mira – a leading manufacturer since 1921, Mira offers a huge range of electric, mixer and power showers.
  • Aqualisa – known for their innovative showering systems, 35 years ago they launched the revolutionary bi-metallic thermostatic shower value, as well as the first digital shower almost 25 years later.
  • Triton – a market leader in the UK shower market for more than 35 years, Triton showers are practical, stylish and offer value for money.
  • Grohe – emphasis is on luxury with Grohe, whether it’s shower heads, complete shower systems or shower taps and thermostatic valves.
  • Bristan – from traditional to contemporary, Bristan are a market leader in mixer showers.
To showcase your brand new shower installation, how about updating your bathroom to include some new wall tiles or go all out with a complete makeover and install a new bathroom . And don’t forget to replace your shower curtain or invest in a new shower door. They say the devil is in the details, so don’t overlook those finishing touches – they can make the world of difference.

Builder Guide has a list of reputable installers who can quote you on the job in hand before you commit to the deal best suited to your needs and budget. There are both national-covering and regional-specific shower fitters who can offer to carry all the work out for you. Builder Guide will give you up to three quotes from different heating and plumbing firms so you can find the best deal available.

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