Gas fireplaces – Advice on installing a gas fire in your home

Gas FireplacesAvailable in a choice of fuel options, a fireplace can not only heat your room but the right installation will be capable of transforming your room, providing you with a magnificent looking centrepiece that will be the star attraction.

If you’re looking to replace the gas fireplace in your home, Builder Guide will have a company listed who will be able to meet your needs. Whether it’s to supply and install a new fitment, install a new structure you’ve already purchased, or to conduct a service or repair on your existing heat source.

Unlike an electric fireplace, the installation of a gas fire is critical to safety and performance and for some years now it has been the law that they must be commissioned by a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer who has undergone the appropriate training.

A gas fireplace installation has three primary components: the gas piping into the home, the installation of the fireplace and flue system and the wiring in a switch, plug and thermostat.

Builder Guide can put you in touch with approved and rated regional and national gas fireplace fitters, allowing you to get and compare quotes for a new fireplace. And because we have a large directory of accredited suppliers and fitters, we can help you source  competitive prices from a wide range of fireplaces.

A gas fireplace will add both warmth and character, and ranges are available from popular manufacturers such as Burley, Gazco, Valor, Be Modern and Pureglow.

Direct vent, top vent or go vent-free

Gas fireplaces are available in three different styles of gas fireplaces: direct vent, top vent  and the vent-free model.

  • Direct vent gas fireplace – features two pipes leading directly to the outside; one pipe uses combustion air from the outside, while the other pipe vents the exhaust gas.
  • Top vent fireplace – this style of fireplace can be installed into an existing fireplace, and uses the chimney as the exhaust vent. Combustion air for top vent fireplaces is drawn from the inside.
  • Vent-free gas fireplace – as the name suggests, they have no exhaust vent. Thanks to its oxygen-depletion sensor, should a dangerous lack of oxygen be detected the gas will automatically be turned off.

Gas fireplaces are available to suit all tastes and budgets. From contemporary inset and traditional inset to hole in the wall and wall hung, there’s something for everyone.

Use a technician who is Gas Safe Registered

Builder Guide offers the services of a number of local, regional and national gas fireplace fitters. Each firm registered with Builder Guide has to be Gas Safe Registered and employ the services of Gas Safe Registered installers. Because we offer a number of firms ranging from large nationwide companies to skilled and trained local fitters in your area, Builder Guide gives you the chance to choose the service best suited to you and your budget.

It’s recommended gas fireplaces are serviced every 12 months, especially before winter when these appliances are likely to be used frequently. Any servicing of your gas fireplace must be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered technician. A service should include checking fan operation, cleaning the pilot and burners, checking the gas pilot safety system, ensuring the ignition and combustion is working correctly, visually checking the chimney, checking the ventilation system and thoroughly cleaning the unit with the correct products. If any issues develop, contact a Gas Safe Registered technician; carrying   out your own repairs on a gas fireplace could be highly dangerous.

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