Fuse box replacement - Is your current fuse box safe?

By Katie Anderson on April 27th, 2012

Fuse Box ReplacementIt’s a startling fact but large numbers of British homes have fuse boxes which don’t meet the current electrical regulations. If that’s your home then you might want to consider a fuse box replacement. When it comes to the safety of your home and your family you really can’t afford not to. 

For better electrical safety for you and your family, if you have one of the older type fuse boxes it’s high time you made the upgrade to a new consumer unit with mini circuit breakers, also known as MCBs, and residual circuit devices, knowns as RCDs. They protect your socket circuits, and these new units will not only detect the smallest of current changes, they will also disconnect almost immediately, so minimising the risk of electric shocks.

We live in a world where extensive use of electrical equipment is the norm. From microwaves and dishwashers to washer/dryers and plasma TVs, most households are populated with a wide range of high electrical appliances.

Back in 2008, new 17th edition wiring regulations were brought into force in the UK. It meant all circuits were required to have RCD protection, which protects against potentially fatal electric shocks and electrical fires. Generally speaking, it makes much more sense to remove the old fuse box in a property, rather than making the existing electrical installations compliant. A modern fuse box replacement is the safer option and in the end will be more cost effective.

Reasons to upgrade your fuse board

  • Protect your home from the risk of fire
  • Protect yourself and your family from the risk of potentially fatal shocks
  • Protects circuits from overloading

While your old fuse box may work perfectly well, the thing about old fuse boards is that they have old wiring. Although not necessarily unsafe and still capable of doing the job, wiring regulations have changed considerably over the last couple of years. So while your old fuse box would have complied with electrical regulations at the time, things change and not least when it comes to electrical wiring standards and regulations.

Your old fuse box probably won’t contain MCBs and RCDs, whereas new consumer units do. Offering better protection, RCDs and MCBs are vital given the way we live today and how heavily we rely on our electrical appliances, both in and around the home. Simply put, without the best protection possible you risk putting your home and your nearest and dearest at greater risk. And that’s why it makes sense to install a new consumer unit.

New consumer units should be installed by a Part P certified electrician. Builder Guide can provide up to three quotes for fuse board upgrades from recommended local electricians.

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