Cellar conversion - The third most popular home extension

Cellar ConversionThe third in the trio of popular home conversions – alongside loft conversions and garage conversions – is cellar or basement conversions.

When you need more space but don’t want to move from your existing home, then converting unused space is the obvious answer. Although not all homes have cellars, many that do fail to fully utilise the space. Rather than making the most a cellar or basement’s full potential by using the available space for living purposes, more often than not cellars are used simply for storage and a place to dump all sorts of unnecessary clutter.

Cellar conversions are becoming more and more popular as an internal extension to a home. The trend for these types of home conversions is fuelled by finances because they come in at a fraction of the price of more traditional extensions. Cost aside, another advantage is that as is the case with a loft conversion, the structure of the building is rarely affected and therefore requires very little building regulation approval.

Enhance your lifestyle with a cellar conversion

When it comes to cellar and basement conversions it’s all about enhancing your lifestyle. Unlike lofts which are typically transformed into bedrooms and offices, cellars and basements can be converted into a wide range of living spaces. Popular choices include:

  • Additional bedrooms.
  • Games room.
  • Self-contained apartment.
  • Children’s play area.
  • Entertainment/cinema room.

Reasons to convert a cellar or basement

For a long time, cellar and basement conversions have been popular amongst the London set; with cramped property owners who are keen to utilise every single square foot of available space realising the benefit of converting what has been essentially dead space. The trend to convert cellars is no longer confined to London homeowners as more people across the UK start to reap the benefits of this type of home conversion.

Cellar conversions are popular for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • Provides extra living space; perhaps a new kitchen/family room or a cinema room.
  • The space could be turned into a separate living area for a teenager or elderly relative.
  • Converting the space will add considerable value to the property
  • It’s a cost effective solution when compared to selling up and buying a bigger more expensive property.
  • The space could be converted into a self-contained studio apartment and rented out which would generate a regular income – although creating a separate entrance will require planning permission.

Is my property suitable for a cellar conversion

Well if it has a cellar or a basement then you’re off to a good start! So rather than opting for a traditional extension which outwardly extends your property, if you’ve got a cellar it makes much more sense to build downwards rather than outwards.

Older properties which have timber suspended floors are the best candidates for cellar and basement conversions. In these type of properties the work tends to be less disruptive as it can be completed from the outside which removes the need to move out whilst renovation work is undertaken. Also, bear in mind that if your property has shallow foundations the building may need to be underpinned first to ensure the living space is safe and habitable. If this is too time consuming and costly you might want to consider a loft conversion instead.

Most professional home improvements will add value to your property. Whatever your  requirements, Builder Guide has a variety of local and national building firms who specialise in cellar conversions.


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