Air conditioning units – Reasons to install air conditioning

Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units work by removing heat from indoor air, providing thermal comfort. The term can refer to any form of cooling, heating, ventilation, or disinfection that relates to the modification of air.

Often referred to as AC or air con, air conditioning is done with an appliance, system, or machine. A refrigeration cycle is typically used, but sometimes using evaporation is also effective.

Healthy, fresh and clean air at the touch of a button

With a variety of air conditioning appliances on the market from leading manufacturers like Daikin, Fujitsu and Panasonic, most firms will be able to provide you with a large range of products to suit your requirements.

Through air conditioning you’ll be able to enjoy a climate controlled environment all year round.  Designed to heat and cool from one unit, air conditioning systems are far more energy efficient than standard heating systems.

If available, it’s good to take advantage of offers such as free survey and design consultancy. Regardless of this though any installer should happily recommend a system designed to meet your exact requirements. It is also good to look out pre-season savings.

Keep your air conditioning in tip top condition

Tailored packages can be accepted from many companies to help you keep on top of the maintenance of your air conditioning system. Contracts can include inspection, cleaning and replacement where necessary.

In order to keep your air conditioning system working efficiently and quietly, filters need to be regularly cleaned and replaced every few years. Particularly for business clientele, companies will provide a 24 hour call out service.

A defective part or lack of routine maintenance are the usual causes of air conditioning breakdowns. If your air conditioning system is more than 10-years-old, excessive energy consumption and frequent repairs are the trademarks of a worn out system.

It is recommended to keep on top of your maintenance as emergency repair prices can increase 15-20 per cent during peak months. Furthermore, a damaged or defective air conditioning system can put you and your family at risk from a fire hazard.

Benefits of air conditioning

  • Health benefits – air conditioning systems remove condensation and filter the air.
  • Sleep benefits – particularly handy during stuffy summer nights, air conditioning will enable you to sleep much more comfortably.
  • Environmentally friendly – can help to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Lower your energy bills – installing a new high-efficiency system can save you money, as it will lower your utility bills.

Whether you’re interested in supply and installation, service or repair work, Builder Guide can find the right Hvac (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) company, either locally or nationally, to meet your needs.

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