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Window fittersWindows primarily have two main uses – they provide ventilation and daylighting. By harnessing natural daylight, it will help to lower a building’s energy costs because it reduces the need to rely on electric lighting during daylight hours. 

Unfortunately, windows are a notorious source of unwanted heat loss. All windows lose a certain amount of heat and the older your windows the more energy inefficient they will be. To make your property better insulated and help cut your energy costs, you should really consider installing energy efficient uPVC double glazing, triple glazing or secondary glazing.

Glazing today is vastly superior compared to the windows that were installed 20 or 30 years ago. Thanks to new technologies, energy efficient window and glazing systems have been developed which act to help cut energy consumption, in addition to minimising condensation and improving comfort levels. High performing double glazing and triple glazing windows feature two or three sheets of glass with a gap – usually around 16mm – between the panes which is often filled with insulating gas such as xenon or argon to reduce heat transfer and keep heat in.

Much like electrical appliances, uPVC windows have energy ratings and more and more companies are choosing to provide this information with their products. In terms of the most energy efficient glass for double glazing on the market, look out for low emissivity (Low-E) glass.

Benefits of installing new windows & glazing

  • Saves energy and therefore will save you money on your energy bills too, particularly if you’re installing low emissivity (Low-E) glass which is the most energy efficient glass for double glazing on the market.
  • Your home will be quieter because you’re insulating against outside noise.
  • Helps to reduce the build up of condensation.
  • Reduces draughts and cold spots.

Builder Guide has numerous firms registered, from large UK-covering companies to local professionals covering the whole of country. All you need to do is tell us what you want – be it modern sash uPVC to replace sash timber windows, repairs to timber-frame conservatories or the supply of a garage door – and we’ll pass your details to up to three firms, both national and regional, who will offer to quote you on the work so you can pick the best deal.

With many glazing, conservatory and door focused firms offering work; it’s difficult to find out which one in your area can offer the best deal. Builder Guide does the hard work for you by contacting up to three reputable groups who can then compete for your business.

Glazing, windows and doors business covers a whole range of products and services, therefore it doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, we’ll find the right service for you. These products include:

  • Sash uPVC windows
  • Metal framed windows
  • uPVC windows
  • Timber framed windows
  • Velux windows
  • Casement windows
  • Tilt & turn windows

Fensa & Certass registered window installers & double glazing firms

Builder Guide has a list of local, regional and national window companies and installers who are certified under Competent Person Schemes (Fensa or Certass) and are keen to quote for the work you require. FENSA – which stands for the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), while Certass is a Government licensed self-certification scheme covering replacement doors and windows which aims to raise standards in the UK glazing industry.

Some of the biggest names in the UK window industry include Safestyle, Everest, Anglian and Zenith.

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