Roofers – Getting advice on roof styles and materials

It is essential that a roof of any property is kept in tip-top working condition to ensure the building remains completely weatherproof. Builder Guide will help you find trusted roofers to advise on the best course of action for your roofing project.

A roof protects a building and its contents from the elements, such as rain, heat and wind. Damaged or insufficient roofing tends to lead to expensive work having to be carried out to rectify the problem.

Long-established roofing issues can create problems beyond the roof itself with timber structures and decorative finishes deteriorating rapidly in damp conditions.

Different types of roof styles and materials

There are many different types and styles of roofs, and it varies region to region. Roofs comprise of two parts – a supporting structure and an outer skin, the latter of which can be constructed from a range of materials.

Flat roofs and pitched or gabled roofs are the most common, but other styles include pyramid roofs, arched roofs and skillion roofs, also known as single-sloped.

Roofs are constructed of a variety of materials, and choice will often come down to environmental factors, aesthetic requirements and cost.

The type of materials used in roofing include:

  • Clay roof tiles – these types of tiles feature in a variety of shapes and sizes. Available in a range of colours, clay roof tiles provide a distinctive look and are long lasting.
  • Slate roof tiles – low on maintenance, with a lengthy lifespan, these tiles are known for having a classic almost timeless appeal.
  • Concrete tiles – these are considerably cheaper, compared to clay roof tiles.
  • Flat roof materials

What sort of lifespan do roofs have

Never underestimate the importance of making sure your roof is kept in optimum condition. If any problems present themselves, try to resolve any roof issues immediately, otherwise you could be facing a rather expensive bill further down the line. You may even need a complete new roof, which will be an expensive option.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to check the condition of your roof on a regular basis. Look out for moved tiles, signs of exterior damp and stains in the loft, to name just a few warning signs.

Different roof materials, the quality of the workmanship and the ability to survive against the elements all determine how effective the life of a roof will be.  While some roofs can last a lifetime, others only offer a 20 year guarantee. Builder Guide can find accredited roofers in your area who will advise on the best roofing solution for you.

Builder Guide offers services for both new roof installations and roof repair from local recommended roofers, covering all types including flat, tile, slate and metal.

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