Kitchens – Ideas for designing a new kitchen

New KitchenA new kitchen installation with new units, cupboards and drawers being fitted may require the skills of a trained professional carpenter and joiner.Despite many firms offering straight-forward kitchen suites, they may need to be adapted to fit the shape of your kitchen or specific requests you have.

If you are building a completely bespoke kitchen, then the chances of needing a joiner or carpenter are highly raised.

There are firms that can offer full kitchen packages – these include the design of the kitchen itself with input from the customer, the supply of the units and the installation. However, you can get independent packages of installations only or even have a company design the kitchen for you and then you use that design to take to a high-street firm to attempt to replicate it.

Different types of packages

  • Design, supply and installation – if you’re starting from scratch with a new kitchen installation and need help with direction of what style you are looking for then the best deal could work out to be a full all-inclusive package of design, supply and installation.
  • Supply and installation – if you already have an idea of how you want your kitchen to look then you’ll need a company to supply you with the style of units and cupboards you desire. Supply and installation is the most popular kitchen installation request with homeowners tending to have a strict view on exactly what they want and how they want their kitchen to look.
  • Installation only – new kitchen installations can be carried out by the homeowner, however they require a hand of a professional carpenter or joiner to guarantee a top quality finish and fitting. With every kitchen shape being different, a carpenter’s job for a new kitchen installation isn’t simply building the cupboards, units and drawers and fitting them. In almost every case, there will be the need to make changes and tailor the units to the kitchen shape.
  • Design only – the kitchen design is a bigger job than many first assume. It’s not a simple case of fitting new units that are the same dimensions as the existing ones but in a different finish or material because the chances are the same dimensions may not be available. A designer may also be able to open your eyes to new ideas for your kitchen.

Different packages have different benefits

The benefit of going down the full-package route is that you only have to deal directly with one company. Therefore, if there are any requests, issues or changes you might want to make you only have to contact one firm. You’re also more likely to get a discounted cost if you employ the one company to cover all of your new kitchen installation needs. If you use separate firms to carry out the design, supply and installation the chances are you’ll have to pay a premium for it.

Design, supply and installation packages mean you have a specialist team to blueprint the look of your new kitchen. When you’re happy with that you can then choose the unit, cupboard and drawer styles and fittings with a range of woods and colours. Once all is decided, a carpenter will be employed to fit the units for you at your home.

Whether you’re looking for a complete design, supply and installation or a supply and installation, Builder Guide has a number of firms who can get the job done for you. We can put you in touch with professional, trained and qualified carpenters and joiners who can replace damaged or ageing doors, fascias and sections of your current kitchen

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